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PEEG 2.0 – My Surly Pugsley Bikepacking Rig

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4 Sporks in 7 Years

This gallery contains 2 photos.

I must say much has changed in my life in the last several months. I suffered through a drama-packed job situation which is still settling and I had many opportunities to learn and do new things. Below are the details … Continue reading

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Flats Dominoe

Last week was a bad week for transportation. After riding 550 miles on my commuter without a hitch, I had 3 friggin flats in 3 rides. After I got the third one I decided to take my bike to the … Continue reading

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Time seems to be moving along quite quickly as of late. I have settled into a routine of riding my bike to work, working out, riding home, working on my house, and sleeping. A few months ago I bought, installed, … Continue reading

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Bluff Creek Ranch

I went on another mountain biking excursion this past weekend. I originally intended to swing by Rocky Hill Ranch but could not get a hold of anyone to make reservations so I opted to visit Bluff Creek Ranch nearby. I … Continue reading

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Back on the Saddle and Exploring GPS Capabilities

Government Canyon: I have been back in the central Texas area for 6 months now. During the course of the first 20 weeks I did not even think much about biking as I did daily in San Diego. That all … Continue reading

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Bikes; Pickle Moves on to Two-Wheelers, and I Begin Commuting

I decided to take Jade bicycling to Blockbuster a few days ago as we had done once before. The trip is only about a mile one way but there are many streets to cross and heavy traffic. As we were … Continue reading

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Site Updates

I just finished making a few updates to my gallery. I finally completed the Boston Gallery and created my Mountain Bike Gallery. I also categorized all my videos and added several recent biking videos here. Dad, I finally posted my … Continue reading

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