Colorado Trail 2016

  • 8.11 – Segment 12: Made it 6.4 miles in (230 start), passed on Antero due to late starts. Wasn’t feeling all that well, talked to Daniel about it until I could breath and pushed on. Short day, great campsite, met a couple of other segment hikers.
  • 8.12 – Finished segment 12: It was surprisingly long. Daniel was sick toward the end so we hitchhiked to Buena Vista, at in the old town restoration area, got a hotel room at Super 8, and got a ride to my car.  The restoration area of old Buena Vista is insanely cool. We ate at an expensive burger joint and turned in early. The shitty super 8 room was $150.
  • 8.13 – Segment 13: We woke up about 9 and at breakfast, did laundry. After we checked out we grabbed Daniel’s car, ate lunch and drove past the Princeton Hot Springs area and Cottonwood Hot Springs areas. We left my car at Rainbow Lake and took Daniel’s to the beginning of 13, hiked 2.5 miles and about 1500 feet to our campsite, which was amazing and had no one around. We both shed a lot of weight from our packs, I went from 34 to 26 and I can really feel the difference. We got a fire going and hung out and talked until about 10 PM. We are going to wake up early, climb Yale, and take the steep descent back to my car. We will probably head into town for food and then camp and fish down at Rainbow. Tomorrow will be a 16mile hike.
  • 8.14 – Segment 13: Woke up and climbed 1000 ft to Yale saddle. Ditched packs and began climbing Yale. It was rough going and slow. Daniel did not like how cliffed out so he turned around. I decided to continue. It got super dicey at around 12900 feet with steep loose rock. I pushed on until 13400 and then decided to turn around since the route was not looking any better. I carefully and slowly made my way off the mountain down to Daniel.  We hiked 3.3 miles back to my car which was now next to a crime scene. Apparently someone died in their truck. I saw that truck the day before and thought it looked a little off, just dusty and parked up against brush. We went to retrieve Daniel’s car and ate at Amicas pizza in Salida which was great. We bought pillows and blankets for the car camping nights, which should improve our sleep. Tomorrow we will finish 13 (we are just crawling along this year, usually average about 16-22 miles a day).
  • 8.15 – Finished segment 13:  Made quick time, met a through hiker named Bearcam from mass, hiked with him for about 8-10 miles until Princeton. Daniel and I decided to skip Princeton r&r day (since we had been hiking so little) and continue into 14 tomorrow instead. We should be camping at 12.2 miles tomorrow night. My right Achilles is starting to hurt … a lot, I think from Yale. We headed into Salida, ate at the boathouse, good food, checked out the two hostels for wed night, and headed to BV to see little shop of horrors at the drive in. That was an amazing experience. Tuned to 87.5 to listen, there were only four cars there. They said that Drive in was built in the 60s and was one of maybe 3 in the state. Had timesheet issues with Jo.
  • 8.16 – Segment 14: Slept at beginning of 14 and met two through hikers who got a ride down the two mile Princeton road Kelsey section (we actually met her a day later) and Joe, a retired pilot from Portland. We talked to him a bit on the hike and offered use of our car since it was staged at the end of 14 and since he wanted to go to Salida. We ran into Bearcam an hour or so into the hike and the three of us whizzed along. We got to our camp site and pitched at 12.2. My heal was hurting me pretty bad. Joe showed up about 30 mins later and we all sat around the fire talking. I finally had my mac and cheese and tuna … which I had been going on and on about through the day, and which … somehow … no one else had ever tried.
  • 8.17- Finished segment 14: I froze through the night (frost?!?) and woke up pissed that my heal was hurting,  so I packed up quickly to get a early start on the remaining 8+ miles. Joe also headed out early. I apparently passed him at some point of time. Eventually, all 4 of us ended up together and we cruised along until we finished 14. The four of us road in Daniels car to go pick my car up, and ate at Amicas for lunch. Joe, Daniel and I stayed at The great western. We headed to the laundry mat and ran into Kelsey again who was also doing laundry. It was funny that all five of us ended up there without planning it. That night we went to a sports bar across from Bearcam’s hotel and called it a night. We found out Kelsey was staying in the same hotel.
  • 8.18 – Salida day, and crazy tubing: Daniel and I woke up antsy to do something but my heel was still hurting. We drove to downtown Salida to hike their hill. The views were very nice from up there. On the way down we stopped by the Arkansas river and sat for a while with our feet in. It felt great. After that we decided to walk around a bit and we stumbled upon a little shop that rented inner-tubes. We asked the lady that worked there is there was any way to tube the Arkansas and she informed us that we could stage a car about 10 miles downstream, and that we should be able to reach it in “a couple of hours”. I think it was about 1:00. We went to go grab Kelsey and ask if she was interested in joining us (she is always game) and off we went. The water was pretty cold and Kelsey was in for a total of about 1o seconds before being sucked into a spillway where she flipped. Daniel also had issues with flipping. It started out fun and amazing, even though the water temp was probably in the 50’s. Eventually a storm rolled in, the outside temp dropped to the 40’s and the wind picked up. We were all freezing our asses off … like really freezing our asses off. Unfortunately the trip took much longer than we expected to, so by the time we came up on the bend where my car was staged … at 17:30 we were hyped out, like really hyped out. Everything hurt, hands didn’t work, heal somehow was still on fire … just a mess. We got in the car, drove back to town, saw that we had a worried message from the tube owner, so I dropped Daniel and Kelsey off to change and shower and headed out to meat the tube owner back at her store. Once there she told me she was sorry and that kayakers typically take a couple of hours. I bought a shirt, changed, picked up Kelsey and Daniel, and we headed to Boathouse Cantina for hot Chili and Hot Toddies.  We were all exhausted from freezing for 4+ hours so we called it a night.  This was by far the most memorable day of the trip for me.
  • 8.19 – Segment 15: We woke up relatively early, picked everyone up and staged my car at the end of Segment 15. We then crammed into Daniel’s car and drove about an hour to the beginning of 15. The hike up to the pass was beautiful and the weather was great. We all kept together and took turns at various positions (leading/trailing) and discussed just about everything. We finished the 14.3 miles pretty quickly and pitched our tents at the beginning of Segment 16, in a nice pasture (though there was a lot of horse shit). Kelsey Daniel and I figure we would get a jump on things and go ahead and stage my car at the end of 16. So we went and picked up Daniel’s car, and began our drive. We had no idea the staging trip would take about 3 hours. The end of 16 was WAY out in the sticks, requiring a 45 minute off road drive just to get to the end. We finally reached the end, found a safe place to leave Ted (Daniel’s car) and began heading back. I was worried that Bearcam and Joe were going to be worried since we were gone so long so I began hauling ass down the dirt road (which wasn’t the kind of road you haul ass on). About 10 minutes into my rally race, I blew my back tire on something and pulled over to put on my donut. The rest of the trip was much slower. We limped back to the campsite with Jo’s warm bear around midnight.
  • 8.20 – New tire, meeting the gang: I decided first thing in the morning that I needed to spend that day sorting out my tire situation. My heel was still hurting and I had no idea what I was going to do regarding the tire. My tires were about 6 weeks old, and all under warranty so I was hoping that I could just find a new one, throw it on and meet up with the gang. Since I have AWD, I really needed to get a new tire before totaling my slip differential/car (and I had already driven about 80 miles on it). I went into Salida and pulled over to clean out my car. I stopped by the hotel we had stayed at to borrow a phone and phone book (service is shit there) and began calling around. Nothing in BV, nothing in Leadville, a couple of places in Salida, though when I called them they said they did not have the replacement tire … shit. I found a place that was willing to sell me an old tire that was closer to the circumference of my new tires, though still about .75 inches off, so I could then drive about 1.5-2 hours into Pueblo to get my new tire under warranty. Needless to say this took all damn day. I finished around dinner and tried quickly to head up to meet the gang for our farewell dinner. I reached the end of segment 16 around sundown, and everyone was hunkered down in their tents to avoid cold rain/drizzle/hail (I think elevation was around 11,500 feet). I showed up, got out firewood, got a fire going, broke out hotdogs and beer, and we had our final dinner. I slept in the car, woke up early to say goodbye to everyone, and then was on my way back to one last Salida meal with Daniel. This part of the trail had the best primitive toilet I had ever seen on a trail.
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