Here in Maine

Hello all,

I apologize for taking so long to follow up on my first entry. I am sure the world was at a literary loss without my random thoughts. So I am in Maine now, which is an outdoor paradise. There are biking trails and campgrounds every few miles. I have learned to rely heavily on the outdoors for stress relief, which is both a testament to the beauty up here and the monotony and misery of my present assignment. Nothing new for those of you who have not spoken to me in a while. I miss my wife and kids, and often feel alone up here, but I am using that feeling to develop myself. I wonder is one ever gets to old to do that. I am 28 now and cannot help to think I may have procrastinated on that one. Oh well. The navy life is humorous. For those of you interested in joining any military service I offer the following advice; lose any bit of common sense you have before you join. There is no place for it in the service, and it will only cause you heartache and confusion. That being said, I am a fighter and have not rolled over yet. Perhaps I will come out of this a better person. During the more trying times I often fantasize about laying around on a cold weekend with my kiddos, wrestling with them, while my bikini clad wife serves me cold beer and my English Bulldog (Paco) waddles around. I should also mention in my fantasies that there is a new car and more importantly a new Triumph Thruxton in our garage which for the sake of information is apart of our new house out in the moutains. Feel free to use the above run-on sentence as a Christmas list for me. Without those thoughts, the outdoors, and Music, I would probably be in some turnip worshiping cult by now.

On another note, I have hit the 200 pound plateau up here. I am unsure if that is due to heavy weight lifting and descent eating or to a slowing metabolism and frequent beer nights. Either way, my body is changing drastically and I often find myself amazed at my recent photos.

I should be arriving back in San Diego sometime in mid December. Our Christmas plans are still undecided, but I look forward to a good deal of time away and maybe doing some cross country snow shoeing somewhere. I cannot think of anything else to bore you with right now, but I will make an honest effort to keep everyone up to date more frequently from now on. I should have my gallery up and running soon. It will include tons of pictures from Texas, California, Arizona, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Maryland, Maine, Utah, and most importantly Iowa. Can you hear the sarcasm in the last bit of that sentence?


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