Moving on

Hello everyone,

Well, time has flown again. I just moved aboard my ship this week. Man I cannot begin to tell you how hectic that was. Imagine trying to pack a couple of backpacks to live off of for 6 mos. It is a daunting task to say the least. Tonight will be my first official night of sleeping on the ship since last night I only “napped” for about 3 hours without the use of sheets or pillows. I could go on and on about the eccentricities of the shipboard life but I will spare you that for now. Perhaps I will be able to post some images soon.

Jade has been melting my heart with a variety of touching, and humorous conversation pieces. It seems every time I call her she throws something else out there to floor me. Below is an excerpt from out conversation last night:

Jade: Where you been?

Me: I am in Maine.

Jade: Where’s your airplane?

Me: It is here in Maine.

Jade: I go see you.

Me: Yes, honey I would love for you to some see me.

Jade: I go see your spaceship.

Me, Laughing:Yes you can come see me spaceship.

Jade: I go put my seatbelt on.

I am currently doing all I can do to make arrangements for both kiddos to come up once in the next 4 months. I am unsure how realistic that would be, but the hope of re-uniting gives me something to look forward to.

Since I now live on board the ship and since I have no access to the internet there, I will only be able to post every couple of weeks or so. As I mentioned before I am in the process of creating a new shipboard gallery.

I hope all of you guys are doing well.

Talk to you later,


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