I warned you….

I warned you that a cold front was approaching hell. I finally added a project to my “Projects” tab. I have about 10 more lined up. Hopefully, I will be able to post projects frequently if my job allows.

I decided to post my old Hangman Game. Unfortunately, I discovered several install issues while testing the process, mostly centered around the ClickOnce Module within .Net. Nonetheless, I feel that I have figured out workarounds for nearly every case. You can check out the details of the project here.

Shortly after uploading it I realized that I needed to do a couple of things to improve the project. First, I need to figure out a method of keeping track of who won the most consecutive games, etc in an effort to make the game more “playable”. Adding competitive bantor will go a long way in making a game popular. Secondly, I want to streamline the install process. Presently I am at the mercy of ClickOnce on that.

I will continue to post updates and improvements for those who like the game so check back later.

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