End of season plans

The season is coming to an end, and I still have a handful of hikes I want to complete before the snow rolls in:

  • Backpack to Como Lake, sleep, day-hike (ultralight) up to bag Blanca and Ellingwood, come back down and backpack out. This is probably the trip I am most looking forward to.
  • Backpack in to Missouri trailhead, day-hike up to Oxford and Belford, retreat back down to valley for r&r, wake up and bag Missouri and perhaps Emerald
  • Finish segment 9,10 of CT (should put me up to about 200 miles if I get 5 and 7), stage car at end of 10, sleep and bag Massive.
  • Finish segment 5 and 7.

School starts this weekend so hopefully I will have time to knock out 3 of these. Labor day weekend might provide an opportunity to complete the Blanca trip.

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