Nothing new, except everything.

We have elected a new president since the last time I wrote. I won’t bother arguing or attempting to prove a point to those you cannot prove a point to. Worse case scenario we will be better off from a political standpoint than we have for the last eight, grueling years. For that I am thankful. I am also thankful to witness and even take part in history.

Me-SimpsonizedI have been working on a few projects here (*non-work-related*) out of sheer boredom and the primal necessity to create. I decided to Simpsonize my family in order to possibly update my splash page. Here is the image Simpsonizer generated for me. I doctored up the second pic just a bit. Pretty impressive.

I witnessed some interesting weather today. Our first little snow shower came in, at a bone chilling 45 degrees F. Previously the warmest temperature I had seen snow in was near 41 F. The North faces of mountains nearby are covered in snow. Hopefully the Afghani winter will bring many more surprises.

I have been spending most my time on a project for my Doogel. It is really starting to take shape and I cannot wait to share it with all 3 of you. There really isn’t much more going on here. Work is work, and play is play. I am now a slave to Groundhog Day routines. I can’t complain though. It sure beats persistent uncertainty.

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