Satellite Transit Imagery

iss_atlantis_transit2_2010 I stumbled across Thiery Lagault’s astrophotography site ( about 18 months ago, and was amazed by some of his ISS transit shots. Since then I’ve been working on learning my own equipment and gathering the requisite mounts and adapters so that my Olympus Pen EPL-1 can interface with my Celestron Nextstar 130SLT. So far I’ve only been able to grab some descent lunar shots, and a few images of the sun after making my own solar filter. Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity to resolve a sufficiently large (or low-flying) satellite. Hopefully that will change 4.14.16, when the ISS will transit the moon. I should be able to get a 30×25 pixel representation of the station which should be good enough to resolve the solar panels and orientation. I will post additional photos and videos after each shoot.

I attempted to use my setup for a remote sensing project late last year, but weather did not cooperate. See RSOSTASH link to the right for equipment/setup/procedure details