1973 CB500 K2 Purchases

PartOEM #QuantityCostDate    
Carb Gasket Set16010-323-3151$13.454.22.18
Float Set16013-329-0041$35.954.22.18
Reproduction Rubber Intake Insulator (4into1motorcycleparts)N/A4$
Carburetor O-RING gasket kit (Ebay)3917530421741$24.975.20.17
Secondary main jet #105 (Ebay)1815079874384$
Brown leather vintage cafe racer seat (Ebay)3317114959611$39.995.07.17
2.5" Black Mini Speedometer w/ Black Face & LED Indicator Lights (Dime City)25-7032B1$74.955.07.17
Honda Speedometer Cable (Dime City)02-00031$13.955.07.17
Honda CB500 OE Style Petcock (Dime City)18-41291$34.955.07.17
J. Webster Honda Tach Drive Plug (Dime City)01-0071$14.955.07.17
Tank, Fender, Side Cover, Paint Treatment and Cleaning RMCN/A1$7035.05.17
Starter Switch Assembly (Vintage CB750)12-03001$69.955.01.17
Light Switch Assembly (Vintage CB750)12-03011$69.955.01.17
Air cleaner grommet83551-300-0006$18.483.15.17
Speedo/Tach Cap Nut Set/4 (Vintage CB750)94021-06020 X42$9.909.24.16
Horn Button (Vintage CB750)N/A1$5.509.24.16
Black Rubber Fuel Line (Vintage CB750)N/A1$5.0010.19.16
Metric Terminal (Vintage CB750)N/A1$5.0010.19.16
K&N Air PodsN/A1$
Speedo/Tach Collar37243-323-7004$22.447.26.16
Electrical Band B1 Cable Wire95014-612005$
Electrical Band A2 Cable Wire32161-404-0005$
Speedo/Tach Rubber Grommet37244-307-6704$
Carb Cover Screws93500-05016-0A8$
Spring buttonN/A1$3.695.22.16
Battery 12V1219178211$46.378.28.15
Brake Master Cylinder1616982390041$
Push Clip11-11633-323-0003$6.605.30.15
Tube 375/400/425X18 TR63701871$15.955.28.15
1/25 19" Rim Strip1701191$1.505.28.15
1/25 18" Rim Strip1701181$1.505.28.15
325/350-19 TR6 Tube3701931$15.955.28.15
Fuel Gauge CapN/A1$
Ignition Main Switch AssemblyN/A1$
Gas CapN/A1$
Cover B dynamo116323230031$45.951.6.15
Rubber Pilion95011310002$
Headlight with CCFL black FA54 BLKN/A1$68.987.12.13
Mini Stalk Turn SignalsN/A1$
Cap A Lever95010-160012$4.926.21.13
Packing Cap17534-323-3001$5.986.21.13
Element Oil Filter15410-426-0101$
O Ring 23mm16997-273-0061$4.346.21.13
Bolt Stud 6x4090044-323-3008$18.645.24.12
Clip tube B1095002-021005$4.834.19.12
1/25 1/4" Cl HoseN/A2$3.984.19.12
Custom 500 MatteN/A1$
Emblem Side Cover87124-323-0002$
Lever Right Handlebar53175-369-0031$
Headlight Case 61302-300-0001$8.1511.30.11
IGN Wire SetN/A1$11.3411.28.11
Wrench Eye 26mm99006-260001$
Honda Gasket Set (500/4 1971-1973)N/A1$
EXO 400 Matte Blk02-100-10-051$165.418.25.09
10pc wire TiesN/A2$17.08?