The Book-it List

The main point of the book-it list aside from assisting me with memory lapses is to analyze the relationships of fictitious books that I have read in a certain time frame. I have noticed that once I read a book I am typically drawn to other books of a similar style or theme. I should also note that I am not a person that plows through 50 books a year, so this is in no way a “look what I have read” list. It is more of a “if your have read ‘A’ you may want to consider ‘B'” list. Also if you have read ‘A’ and see that I enjoyed it, and would like to suggest a related book ‘C’ then feel free to do so. Eventually I plan to create a weird book-UML diagram representing these relationships and the tendencies of favoring specific genres and themes.

Read (Reverse chronological order)

Partially Read (Reverse chronological order)

Queued to read

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