This page contains links to my astrophotography images. I originally got into astrophotography because I wanted to capture images of ISS-Lunar transits (like Thierry Legault). My photos were taken using the following equipment:


  • Celestron Nextstar 130
  • Olympus PEN EPL1 with a handmade T-mount
  • Celestron NexImage 5 MP 5 Solar System Imager
  • Homemade solar filter
  • Filters from Celestron accessory kit

I still have not found any software I am comfortable using for frame stacking (Jupiter, Saturn shots), so I have that on the TO-DO list for now. I threw together a paper for ISS Lunar Transit imagery (located to the left) which better describes my setup, filters, adapters.

I will have to post links to the Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Sun photos after I go through and clean out photos/stack.