So I finally got around to adding a project to my Projects Page. Hopefully now that I have some time my additions will be more regular. I decided to christen the page with an oldie but goodie; Hangman. It all started last year when I was tossing around ideas for an entry level C# project for a Human Factors/GUI Design Class and decided to create my own Hangman game. I was surprised to see many examples out on the net that require both hands to play. Many even required the user to type in the letter. I settled on a very human centric design after going through an entire pad of post-its.

Shane’s Hangman v1.0.0.3

System Requirements:

  • Operating System – Windows 2000, XP, NT, or Vista.
  • Platform – Microsoft.net Framework 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5.

Installation Instructions

  • Internet Explorer Users – Simply download and install setup.exe
  • Xbrowser/Mozilla Firefox Users – Due to the lack of Xbrowser support detailed in the errata section below you must first download and install the Mozilla Firefox plugin “FFClickOnce 0.8” to handle .application extensions. After installing FFClickOnce 0.8, download and install Setup.exe. Hangman.application will load in your browser. Save it using the all files option (without an HTM/MTML extension) to your desktop. Double click the saved file and choose “Run ClickOnce Application”. If you are not granted the option to “Run ClickOnce Application” right click Hangman.application and select “Open with Mozilla Firefox”. Then open it again.

Screenshot: A screenshot of the application can be viewed here.

Errata: As I mentioned above the good folks at Microsoft decided that offering ClickOnce support for Xbrowsers wasn’t a priority. I spent about 5 hours bangin my head on that issue as I run Firefox myself. The installation instructions above should get you through the storm. If not, you can check out any of the following links for further information:

Support: Feel free to contact me via any of the methods detailed on my contact page located here. Also, check back periodically for updates or future releases.

Future Release Considerations:

  • Find an elegant solution to the Firefox ClickOnce debacle.
  • Include a high scores section detailing the names of players who won the most games in a row.

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