Flight Logs

This is a place to capture details for all of my flights (or attempts/disasters).

My first flight(s) consisted of launching my Amazon with a c6-7 out near Ute Valley. There was a stiff breeze out of the south that caused the model to drift toward Eagleview Middle School.  Because of the low altitude of the flight and the 7 second delay on the ejection charge the rocket barreled toward the school grounds and got a little too close for comfort to hitting something prior to the shute deploying.

My second launch session was a complete disaster. I had just received my Jolly Logic Altimeter2 and I was anxious to see my first set of launch metrics. I launched my Crossfire with a c6-5 engine at my new preferred launch site in great conditions, and the rocket body separated with the nose cone shortly after apogee. Despite the descent conditions, the nose cone hit some updrafts and floated off in a northeasterly direction for a half mile or more. I decided to chase down the rocket body which drifted in a southerly direction and ended up landing 200 yards or so from the launch site. My daughter tried to keep up with the drifting nose cone, but it floated off over a hill, over a retirement home, and eventually into a neighborhood. I left reward signs all around the neighborhood that evening, but never saw the nose cone or the attached altimeter again. I did not get a single reading off of it. I did however learn a couple of lessons. First, put your name and number on anything of value. Second, have an idea before launch of what to do in the event of a separation. Had I of charged off after the nose cone I might have found it.

Flight Records

07.27.14 | 38.918436, -104.842382 | 1000-1230 | 84f | Winds 3-5mph @ 150d

ModelEngineAltitudeTop SpeedThrust TimePeak AccelCoast ApogApog EjectEjectDescent SpeedDur
Estes 1895 PatriarchC6-7677 ft158 mph1.62 sec15.0 Gs5.3 sec-.6 sec665 ft10 mph51.5 sec
Estes 2183 Shuttle ExpressC6-7500 ft131 mph1.89 sec8.6 Gs4.5 sec3.1 sec357 ft10 mph33.8 sec
Estes CrossfireC6-7787 ft195 mph1.84 sec13.0 Gs5.1 sec1.5 sec767 ft5 mph96.7 sec

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