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Training For the New Alpinism – Base Fitness Test

I just finished Steve House and Scott Johnston’s Training for the New Alpinism, and I am excited to put into action what I learned. Hopefully by the summer I will be back into military shape. I took the baseline fitness test recently and I was not surprised by the results, I was strong and weak where I figured I would be. All 6 of the exercises were performed at 6700 feet altitude (which I am acclimated to), and push-up, pull-up, and dip rests were in the straight-arm position.

  • 1000′ with 20% of BW (40lbs on the button) on 12″ box step: 53:20 (Poor and smoked). Just had knee surgery exactly a month ago, but I do not think that constitutes a 13 minute slow-down. Lots of work here.
  • Dips in 60 secs: 32 (Excellent-ish)
  • Sit-ups in 60 secs:51 (Excellent-ish)
  • Pull-ups in 60 secs:16(8 good, 8 Kipping) (Good-ish)
  • Box step-ups on 16″ step (75% of knee height) in 60 secs:49 (Excellent-ish)
  • Push-ups in 60 secs:50 (Excellent-ish)

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