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A cold front approaches hell

I am back home now from my adventure up North. The trip back was relatively uneventful with the exception being when a 10-ish year old Afghani kid pointed a rifle with a laser attachment right at my forehead as our convoy made its was through a choke point. I was looking out the window keeping a watchful eye on the street vendors when I noticed the kid raise the weapon and walk the mounted laser from the front of our Humvee to my forehead. Granted I did not feel threated at the time, as I was wearing every kind of armor imaginable in an up-armored Humvee. Honestly, I am glad that the driver, passenger and gunner did not hear my report on the matter, as each confessed later that they would have shot and killed the kid. I kind of chuckle to think the only time I have ever had a gun pulled on me was by a kid.

In other news I have been sick lately. Being sick here really isn’t that bad. In between all the wonderful things that come with having the flu I have been updating my gallery. I am happy to say it is now entirely up to date. There are a ton of additional pictures from Afghanistan. On the down side, EmbedVideo is still taking a crap on me so I was not able to upload the videos into my Gallery2 from Google Video despite spending a good 3 hours reading up on the problem tonight. Nonetheless they are viewable via Google Video.

The following are some of the more notable additions:

In addition the following videos are now available:

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